install and Compile

PaddlePaddle provides various methods of installation for many different users

Focus on Deep Learning Model Development

PaddlePaddle provides lots of packages of python wheel , that pip can install:

This is the most convenient way of installation. Please choose the right installation package with machine configure and system.

Follow the Bottom Frame

PaddlePaddle also supports installation using Docker. Please refer to the tutorial below:

We recommend running PaddlePaddle in Docker. This method has the following advantages:

  • Does not require installation of third-party dependencies.
  • Easy to share runtime environment.

Lastly, users can also compile and install PaddlePaddle from source code. The instructions are below:


One caveat with this approach is that developers will have to download, compile and install all third-party dependencies. Thus this process of installation is more time consuming.


For any problems during installation, please refer to the page below for answers:


If the problem still persists, you are welcome to seek assistance from the PaddlePaddle community: