class paddle.fluid.contrib.slim.quantization.post_training_quantization. WeightQuantization ( model_dir, model_filename=None, params_filename=None ) [source]
quantize_weight_to_int ( save_model_dir, save_model_filename=None, save_params_filename=None, quantizable_op_type=['conv2d', 'mul'], weight_bits=8, weight_quantize_type='channel_wise_abs_max', generate_test_model=False, threshold_rate=0.0 )


In order to reduce the size of model, this api quantizes the weight of some ops from float32 to int8/16. In the inference stage, the quantized weight will be dequantized to float32 again.

  • save_model_dir (str) – The path to save the quantized model.

  • save_model_filename (str, optional) – The name of file to save the inference program. If it is None, the default filename ‘__model__’ will be used. Default is ‘None’.

  • save_params_filename (str, optional) – The name of file to save all parameters. If it is None, parameters were saved in separate files. If it is not None, all parameters were saved in a single binary file.

  • quantizable_op_type (list[str], optional) – The list of ops that will be quantized, and the quantized ops should be contained in [“conv2d”, “depthwise_conv2d”, “mul”]. Default is [“conv2d”,”mul”].

  • weight_bits (int, optional) – The bits for the quantized weight, and it should be 8 or 16. Default is 8.

  • weight_quantize_type (str, optional) – quantization type for weights, support ‘channel_wise_abs_max’ and ‘abs_max’. Set it as ‘channel_wise_abs_max’, the accuracy performs better.

  • generate_test_model (bool, optional) – If set generate_test_model as True, it saves a fake quantized model, in which the weights are quantized and dequantized. We can use PaddlePaddle to load the fake quantized model and test the accuracy on GPU or CPU.

  • threshold_rate (float, optional) – This api uses abs_max methd to quantize the weight from float32 to int8/16, and the abs max value is important for quantization diff. When the abs_max value is far away from the center of the numerical distribution, we can set threshold_rate between 1e-6 and 1e-8, so the abs max value will be optimized. Default is 0.0.

convert_weight_to_fp16 ( save_model_dir )


Convert all presistable vars from fp32 to fp16. Note that, this api only changes the data type of variables in __params__ file, and the __model__ file remains unchanged.


save_model_dir (str) – The path to save the fp16 model.