paddle.fluid.io. load_persistables ( executor, dirname, main_program=None, filename=None ) [source]

Static Graph

This API filters out all variables with persistable==True from the given main_program and then tries to load these variables from the directory dirname or the file filename.

Use the dirname to specify the directory where persistable variables (refer to Save and Load a Model) were saved. If variables were saved in separate files, set filename as None; if all variables were saved in a single file, use filename to specify the file name.

  • executor (Executor) – The executor used for loading persistable variables. See Executor for more details about it.

  • dirname (str) – The directory path.

  • main_program (Program, optional) – The program whose persistable variables will be loaded. If it is None, the default_main_program will be used automatically. See Basic Concept for more about Program. Default: None.

  • filename (str, optional) – The file which saved all persistable variables. If variables were saved in separated files, set it to None. Default: None.




import paddle
import paddle.fluid as fluid

exe = fluid.Executor(fluid.CPUPlace())
param_path = "./my_paddle_model"
prog = fluid.default_main_program()
fluid.io.load_persistables(executor=exe, dirname=param_path,