paddle.fluid.layers.detection. polygon_box_transform ( input, name=None ) [source]

PolygonBoxTransform Operator.

PolygonBoxTransform Operator is used to transform the coordinate shift to the real coordinate.

The input is the final geometry output in detection network. We use 2*n numbers to denote the coordinate shift from n corner vertices of the polygon_box to the pixel location. As each distance offset contains two numbers (xi, yi), the geometry output contains 2*n channels.

  • input (Variable) – The input with shape [batch_size, geometry_channels, height, width]. A Tensor with type float32, float64.

  • name (str, Optional) – For details, please refer to Name. Generally, no setting is required. Default: None.


The output with the same shape as input. A Tensor with type float32, float64.

Return type



import paddle.fluid as fluid
input = fluid.data(name='input', shape=[4, 10, 5, 5], dtype='float32')
out = fluid.layers.polygon_box_transform(input)