paddle.jit. set_code_level ( level=100, also_to_stdout=False ) [source]

Sets the level to print code from specific level Ast Transformer. Code can be output to stdout by setting also_to_stdout.

There are two means to set the code level:

  1. Call function set_code_level

  2. Set environment variable TRANSLATOR_CODE_LEVEL

Note: set_code_level has a higher priority than the environment variable.

  • level (int) – The level to print code. Default is 100, which means to print the code after all AST Transformers.

  • also_to_stdout (bool) – Whether to also output code to sys.stdout.


>>> import os
>>> import paddle

>>> paddle.jit.set_code_level(2)
>>> # It will print the transformed code at level 2, which means to print the code after second transformer,
>>> # as the date of August 28, 2020, it is CastTransformer.

>>> os.environ['TRANSLATOR_CODE_LEVEL'] = '3'
>>> # The code level is now 3, but it has no effect because it has a lower priority than `set_code_level`

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