paddle.static.nn. prelu ( x, mode, param_attr=None, name=None ) [source]

Warning: API “paddle.fluid.layers.nn.prelu” is deprecated since 2.0.0, and will be removed in future versions. Please use “paddle.static.nn.prelu” instead.

prelu activation.

\[\begin{split}prelu(x) = max(0, x) + \\alpha * min(0, x)\end{split}\]

There are three modes for the activation:

all: All elements share same alpha.
channel: Elements in same channel share same alpha.
element: All elements do not share alpha. Each element has its own alpha.

x (Tensor): The input Tensor or LoDTensor with data type float32. mode (str): The mode for weight sharing. param_attr (ParamAttr|None, optional): The parameter attribute for the learnable

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weight (alpha), it can be create by ParamAttr. None by default. For detailed information, please refer to api_fluid_ParamAttr.

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name (str, optional): Name for the operation (optional, default is None).

For more information, please refer to Name.


Tensor: A tensor with the same shape and data type as x.


import paddle

x = paddle.to_tensor([-1., 2., 3.])
param = paddle.ParamAttr(initializer=paddle.nn.initializer.Constant(0.2))
out = paddle.static.nn.prelu(x, 'all', param)
# [-0.2, 2., 3.]