paddle. tan ( x, name=None ) [source]

Tangent Operator. Computes tangent of x element-wise.

Input range is (k*pi-pi/2, k*pi+pi/2) and output range is (-inf, inf).

\[out = tan(x)\]
  • x (Tensor) – Input of Tan operator, an N-D Tensor, with data type float32, float64 or float16.

  • name (str, optional) – Name for the operation (optional, default is None). For more information, please refer to Name.


Tensor. Output of Tan operator, a Tensor with shape same as input.


>>> import paddle

>>> x = paddle.to_tensor([-0.4, -0.2, 0.1, 0.3])
>>> out = paddle.tan(x)
>>> print(out)
Tensor(shape=[4], dtype=float32, place=Place(cpu), stop_gradient=True,
[-0.42279324, -0.20271003,  0.10033467,  0.30933627])