Code Reivew promise

In order that reviewers focus on code in the code review,please follow these rules every time you submit your code:

1)Make sure that unit tests in CI pass through successfully.If it fails,it means problems have been found in submitted code which will not be reviewed by reviewer.

2)If you have tackled with problems of an Issue,please add fix #issue_number to the first comment area of Pull Request.Then the corresponding Issue will be closed automatically after the merge of Pull Request.Keywords are including:close, closes, closed, fix, fixes, fixed, resolve, resolves, resolved.Please select appropriate word.Please refer to Closing issues via commit messages for more details.

In addition,please follow the following regulations in response to the suggestion of reviewers:

1)A reply to every comment of reviewers(It’s a fundamental complimentary conduct in open source community.An expression of appreciation is a need for help from others):

  • If you adopt the suggestion of reviewer and make a modification accordingly, it’s courteous to reply with a simple Done .

  • Please clarify your reason to the disagreenment

2)If there are many suggestions

  • Please show general modification

  • Please follow start a review to give your reply,instead of directly replying for that every comment will result in sending an email causing email disaster.