paddle.device. current_stream ( device=None ) [source]

Return the current stream by the device. :param device: The device which want to get stream from. If device is None, the device is the current device. Default: None.

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It can be gpu, gpu:x,``custom_device``, custom_device:x, where custom_device is the name of CustomDevicec, where x is the index of the GPUs, CustomDevicecs. And it can be paddle.CUDAPlace(n) or paddle.CustomPlace(n).

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The stream to the device.

Return type



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.. code-block:: python
    # required: custom_device
    import paddle

    s1 = paddle.device.current_stream()
    s2 = paddle.device.current_stream("custom_cpu:0")
    place = paddle.CustomPlace('custom_cpu', 0)
    s3 = paddle.device.current_stream(place)