class paddle.profiler. SortedKeys ( value ) [source]

SortedKeys is used to specify how to sort items when printing paddle.profiler.Profiler.summary table.

The meaning of each SortedKeys is as following

  • SortedKeys.CPUTotal : Sorted by CPU total time.

  • SortedKeys.CPUAvg : Sorted by CPU average time.

  • SortedKeys.CPUMax : Sorted by CPU max time.

  • SortedKeys.CPUMin : Sorted by CPU min time.

  • SortedKeys.GPUTotal : Sorted by GPU total time.

  • SortedKeys.GPUAvg : Sorted by GPU average time.

  • SortedKeys.GPUMax : Sorted by GPU max time.

  • SortedKeys.GPUMin : Sorted by GPU min time.