paddle.sparse.nn.functional. leaky_relu ( x, negative_slope=0.01, name=None ) [source]

sparse leaky_relu activation, requiring x to be a SparseCooTensor or SparseCsrTensor.

\[leaky\_relu(x)= \left\{ egin{array}{rcl} x, & & if \ x >= 0 \ negative\_slope * x, & & otherwise \ \end{array}\]



x (Tensor): The input Sparse Tensor with data type float32, float64. negative_slope (float, optional): Slope of the activation function at

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\(x < 0\) . Default is 0.01.

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name (str, optional): Name for the operation (optional, default is None).

For more information, please refer to Name.


A Sparse Tensor with the same data type and shape as x .

import paddle

dense_x = paddle.to_tensor([-2., 0., 5.])
sparse_x = dense_x.to_sparse_coo(1)
out = paddle.sparse.nn.functional.leaky_relu(sparse_x, 0.5)