How to use timeline tool to do profile


  1. Add profiler.start_profiler(...) and profiler.stop_profiler(...) to the main training loop. After run, the code will generate a profile record file /tmp/profile. Warning: Please do not run too many batches when use profiler to record timeline information, for the profile record will grow with the batch number.

    import numpy as np
    import paddle
    import paddle.fluid as fluid
    from paddle.fluid import profiler
    place = fluid.CPUPlace()
    def reader():
        for i in range(100):
            yield [np.random.random([4]).astype('float32'), np.random.random([3]).astype('float32')],
    main_program = fluid.Program()
    startup_program = fluid.Program()
    with fluid.program_guard(main_program, startup_program):
         data_1 ='data_1', shape=[1, 2, 2])
         data_2 ='data_2', shape=[1, 1, 3])
     out = fluid.layers.fc(input=[data_1, data_2], size=2)
     # ...
     feeder = fluid.DataFeeder([data_1, data_2], place)
         exe = fluid.Executor(place)
     pass_num = 10
     for pass_id in range(pass_num):
            for batch_id, data in enumerate(reader()):
            if pass_id == 0 and batch_id == 5:
        elif pass_id == 0 and batch_id == 10:
             profiler.stop_profiler("total", "/tmp/profile")
        outs =,
  2. Run python paddle/tools/ to process /tmp/profile, it will generate another file /tmp/timeline by default. You can change the path by cmd parameter, please take a look at for details.

python Paddle/tools/ --profile_path=/tmp/profile --timeline_path=timeline
  1. Open chrome and visit chrome://tracing/, use load button to load the generated timeline file.

  2. The result timeline should be like:

    chrome timeline


This tool can support distributed train programs(pserver and trainer) too.

  1. Open traniner profiler just like how to use in local.

  2. Open pserver profiler: add two environment variables, e.g.:

FLAGS_rpc_server_profile_period=10 FLAGS_rpc_server_profile_path=./tmp/pserver python
  1. Merge pservers’ and trainers’ profiler file, e.g.:

python /paddle/tools/
    --profile_path trainer0=local_profile_10_pass0_0,trainer1=local_profile_10_pass0_1,pserver0=./pserver_0,pserver1=./pserver_1
    --timeline_path ./dist.timeline
  1. Load dist.timeline in chrome just like the fourth step in Local