paddle. finfo ( dtype ) [source]

paddle.finfo is a function that returns an object that represents the numerical properties of a floating point paddle.dtype. This is similar to numpy.finfo.


dtype (paddle.dtype) – One of paddle.float16, paddle.float32, paddle.float64, paddle.bfloat16, paddle.complex64, and paddle.complex128.


  • min(double): The smallest representable number (typically -max).

  • max(double): The largest representable number.

  • eps(double): The smallest representable number such that 1.0 + eps ≠ 1.0.

  • resolution(double): The approximate decimal resolution of this type, i.e., 10**-precision.

  • smallest_normal(double): The smallest positive normal number.

  • tiny(double): The smallest positive normal number. Equivalent to smallest_normal.

  • bits(int): The number of bits occupied by the type.

  • dtype(str): The string name of the argument dtype.

Return type

An finfo object, which has the following 8 attributes


import paddle

finfo_float32 = paddle.finfo(paddle.float32)
print(finfo_float32.min) # -3.40282e+38
print(finfo_float32.max) # 3.40282e+38
print(finfo_float32.eps) # 1.19209e-07
print(finfo_float32.resolution) # 1e-06
print(finfo_float32.smallest_normal) # 1.17549e-38
print(finfo_float32.tiny) # 1.17549e-38
print(finfo_float32.bits) # 32
print(finfo_float32.dtype) # float32