paddle. polar ( abs, angle, name=None ) [source]

Return a Cartesian coordinates corresponding to the polar coordinates complex tensor given the abs and angle component.

  • abs (Tensor) – The abs component. The data type should be ‘float32’ or ‘float64’.

  • angle (Tensor) – The angle component. The data type should be the same as abs.

  • name (str, optional) – For details, please refer to Name. Generally, no setting is required. Default: None.


The output tensor. The data type is ‘complex64’ or ‘complex128’, with the same precision as abs and angle.

Return type



paddle.polar supports broadcasting. If you want know more about broadcasting, please refer to Introduction to Tensor .


>>> import paddle
>>> import numpy as np

>>> abs = paddle.to_tensor([1, 2], dtype=paddle.float64)
>>> angle = paddle.to_tensor([np.pi / 2, 5 * np.pi / 4], dtype=paddle.float64)
>>> out = paddle.polar(abs, angle)
>>> print(out)
Tensor(shape=[2], dtype=complex128, place=Place(cpu), stop_gradient=True,
[ (6.123233995736766e-17+1j)             ,